PostScriptum – patch V1.0.91

PostScriptum – patch V1.0.91

Periscope games sort aujourd’hui un nouveau patch tout en optimisation

Le Changelog est ici

-Gameplay: Supply crates can be built from construction trucks
-Gameplay: Logistics section members will now be able to construct emplacements and defense to the exception of FOB.
-Gameplay: Players can now see how much construction points are left when close to construction trucks and supply crates.
-Gameplay: Players won’t be able to change side after five minutes, unless team are unbalanced.
-Gameplay: Adjusted ticket count from 400 to 600. (Originally 800)
-Gameplay: Increased Yaw limits of all emplaced MGs and Sdkfz 251 MG42.

-Add: Spanish and German localization
-Add: Original Soundtrack for all Deluxe and Supporter Edition
-Add: Artbook for all Deluxe and Supporter Editions
-Add: Repair Station can now repair internal components

-Fix: Not being able to deploy MGs in a couple structures and collision issues
-Fix: FOB radios not despawning on FOB destruction
-Fix: Various props materials and LODs
-Fix: Some ground objects collision in Doorwerth
-Fix: Water shader optimization to ease on GPU
-Fix: Brick shader optimization to ease on GPU
-Fix: Bullet are now passing through razorwire
-Fix: Sherman Firefly wheel dust FX

De plus vendredi dernier plusieurs joueurs ont pu tester la nouvelle carte Arnhem, toujours en phase de débug elle devrait arriver en live sous peu.

Plus d’information sur le site officiel.


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